International Epilepsy Day

Evercare Hospital Dhaka celebrated International Epilepsy Day


Mohammad salah uddin: International Epilepsy Day was celebrated on 6 February 2021 at the Neurology Department of Evercare Hospital Dhaka. Director of Medical Services Dr. Sanjay K was present as the chief guest. Pathare was accompanied by consultants from neurology and other departments and senior hospital officials.

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Dr. Alim Akhter Bhuiyan, Senior Consultant, Neurologist and Epilepsy Specialist highlights various aspects of Epilepsy. Dr. Khandaker Mahbubur Rahman, Senior Consultant and Coordinator, Department of Neurology, Evercare Hospital, Dhaka, and Dr. Sandeep Kumar Das, Senior Consultant, later spoke on epilepsy. Dr. Arif Mahmood, Senior General Manager, Medical Services, concluded the program by thanking everyone.

There are more than 40 types of epilepsy or epilepsy worldwide, with an estimated 6 and a half million cases. 80% of them live in least developed and underdeveloped countries. There are many misconceptions about epilepsy, especially in underdeveloped countries; Diagnostic suspicion also works in these cases as it is similar to several other medical conditions. About 70% of epilepsy patients can be controlled with one or more anti-epileptic drugs.

Evercare Hospital Dhaka has all the necessary diagnostic and medical facilities for all outpatient and inpatient-based medical responsive epilepsy patients; A full-fledged epilepsy clinic and EEG monitoring facility will also be launched at the hospital soon. Evercare also periodically promotes patient awareness programs about the disease. Another event organized by Evercare was to raise awareness about epilepsy and make the people of Bangladesh more aware of its effects.

Evercare Hospital Dhaka is the only JCI accredited hospital in Bangladesh with international standard healthcare. It is part of the Evercare Group, which has 29 hospitals, 16 clinics and 57 diagnostic centers in 25 cities across two continents; With the mission of providing quality healthcare in developing countries.

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