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Candidates are busy campaigning in Shibganj municipal election


Khalid Hasan: The miking is going on all day long. The highway is shaking with showdowns, processions and slogans. Posters, banners, festoons are spread over an area of ​​14 square kilometers. Satisfied with public relations, yard meetings and road meetings. This is how the campaign is going on on the occasion of Shibganj municipality election of Bogra to be held on 30th January. Candidates are busy campaigning after the allotment of symbols on January 11. Voters are going door to door praying for votes. Giving various promises of development.

A total of 48 candidates, including 4 from Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Ganatantrik Party and Independent (BNP rebels), 11 from reserved councilors. And 31 from 9 ward councilors are contesting for the post of mayor in this class C municipality election established in 2002.

Competing for the post of mayor in this municipality are Bangladesh Aowami League nominated boat symbol candidate. And current mayoral journal list Touhidur Rahman Manik, Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP nominated paddy sheaf symbol candidate former mayor Matiar Rahman Matin, Jukta Ganatantrik Party’s Md. Sirajul Islam and the coconut tree symbol of the BNP rebel candidate (independent) said. Abdul Goffar.

Although there are 4 candidates for the post of mayor in the election, the possibility of the main battle is always with the boat-paddy sheaf. BNP candidates have won the mayoral post in every previous election.

The people says, the boat is in a good position this time as in the last election in Shibganj municipal meeting where BNP Jamaat e Islami is dominated. Therefore, the BNP candidate may have to get some speed to return to the previous position as the municipal father. However, BNP supporters say they will win if the election is fair.

Awami League mayoral candidate and current mayor Touhidur Rahman Manik told, “Unprecedented development of the municipality has been achieved since I was elected mayor.” Construction of Arjunpur Bridge at a cost of around Tk. There was no touch of development. I am hopeful conscious citizens will make me victorious again in the interest of development.

BNP mayoral candidate Matiar Rahman Matin said that if the municipal father is elected, he will make arrangements for the development of roads and drainage. Noting that his election campaign was being hampered, he called on the administration to ensure a conducive environment for the elections. He said that if there is a fair vote, victory of the sheaf of paddy is unlikely.

Shibganj Upazila Election Officer and Assistant Returning Officer Anisur Rahman told that the polls will be held on January 30 in 60 booths of 9 polling stations in Shibganj Municipality. The total number of voters in the election is 16,055. Of these, 6,708 are male voters and 9,129 are female voters.

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